Dynamic pilates for modern folk


The concept behind flex it stretch it is a simple one - movement to redress the imbalances caused by modern life. Stress, sedentary living and poor posture all take their toll on our physical wellbeing. That’s where Flex it stretch it comes in…

Through carefully tailored pilates classes you will restore balance to your body, gaining increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, a stronger core, increased control and endurance and a greater quality of movement in all that you do.

All this is as relevant to those of us with a sedentary lifestyle as it is to the very active. Pilates will compliment any other type of sport or training you do, increasing performance and keeping you injury free. Being able to move and control your body with intention in proper alignment is a life skill that will benefit you both at work and play!

What can I expect?

  • Small groups with personalized instruction
  • Controlled, flowing movements rather than holding poses
  • An emphasis on improving the mobility and stability of your spine
  • Exercises to build strength and stamina in your core
  • An hour of mindful, calm, focused activity on you and your body

Private classes


Personalised tuition is great for a variety of purposes, whether you're a beginner or veteran:

  • seeking the fastest results possible
  • tuning up every few months
  • a starting point for absolute beginners
  • revising the fundamentals

Provided there is suitable space they can be taken at your home or work place. Any equipment required will be provided.

You can have a one-to-one, or small groups of 2 or 3.

It doesn't cost as much as you might think.

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The flex it stretch it method makes an excellent corporate wellness initiative. The stresses of the office and desk-based work often lead to poor posture and back, leg and foot problems. By bringing flex it stretch it to your office, your people will improve their posture and movement conveniently for a price that's well worth it.

All we need is a suitable space: often a meeting room will do!

Get flexing and stretching in the office


I've never been sporty. I’m not a dancer or gymnast, and aside from a brief stint of tennis playing I never really “got” the whole exercise thing. I discovered pilates in my early twenties and it changed my whole idea of what fitness meant. I finally realised that good quality movement is fundamental to a happy and healthy mind and body. It had such an affect on me that I wanted to know more and fully train in the discipline. The idea of spreading this message blossomed and I went on to complete my teacher training with Body Control Pilates in 2014, becoming a Level 3 Registered Exercise Professional.

During this time I have amassed a great deal of knowledge through official training and my own personal development. My interests now expands beyond pilates into related areas such as primal movements, plyometrics, HIIT, weight lifting and barre and is ever expanding… Elements of some of these are used in my sessions to compliment pilates movements.

Having been a working professional in London for five years I understand the challenges of looking after your body whilst leading a hectic, often stressful, lifestyle. I devised flex it stretch it to make pilates accessible, relevant and exciting for the modern working professional. Dynamic and challenging, my classes are designed for participants to enjoy movement for movement's sake and redress in-balances in the body as a result of a sedentary work hard / play hard lifestyle. I want people to feel empowered and ready to take on the world when they leave the class. Not only this, but also gain an education in how to bring good movement practices into their everyday lives.


  • Mat Pilates Level 3 Reps accredited Body Control Pilates

  • Reformer Level 1 Body Control Pilates

  • Pilates for Pregnancy Body Control Pilates